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Why should I choose a Locinox lock for my gate?

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Why should I choose a Locinox lock for my gate?


Locinox have been a leading name in security gate hardware and access control for over 30 years, leading the way where many other follow in the development of the highest quality products in external hardware. One word you hear regularly come out of the Locinox marketing team is the word INNOVATION, and it’s hard to disagree that the manufacturer offer unparalleled quality, delivered to the installer after thorough testing, market research and product development.

Why choose Locinox for your gate?

One of the major advantages of using Locinox on your gates is the modularity of their products. Many products have multiple components that can be swapped, mixed and matched to provide the perfect locking solution for your gate.

With most locks, what you see is what you get, but for Locinox you can near enough build the Lock you want to suit how you want your lock to function.

The Locinox LAKQ U2 Industrial gate lock is the Locinox flagship lock, the bread and butter, the standard lock that you would look to put on your gate, but do you know all the options available to you?

  • Firstly you can choose your size, with different size locks suitable for box section / profile thickness. This means you have a lock with the perfect throw and fixings for your gate.
  • Colour – Available in silver, black anthracite grey, white and two different RAL shades of green.
  • Cylinders – If you are having more than one lock did you know you can have the same key operate each by selecting locks to be keyed alike? There are also dummy cylinders and thumb turn cylinders available. If you have a Euro cylinder that you want to use in your lock then you can switch with the existing for your cylinder. As long as it’s a  Euro spec cylinder it’s compatible with the Locinox locks.
  • Handles – Black, aluminium, stainless steel, rope effect, club handles, half handles, more handles than you can shake a stick at!


Along with the lock itself, Locinox locks can be used in combination with a number of other components to create the perfect access control system for your gate. These include magnet locks, electric strikes, keypads, dropbolts and gate closers.

Looking to upgrade your lock?

If you have a Locinox key lock in place you many want to upgrade your lock to provide more security. All Locinox LA locks have the same drilling pattern, meaning you could remove the LAKQ U2 lock and replace with a mechanical code lock. This is the same for the receivers/keeps. You can remove a manual keep and replace with an electric keep. So with no fuss you can have a fully functioning access control system with no gate modification needed.

Quality & Reliability

With a manufacturer warranty of 3 years, two years longer than the legal requirements, Locinox believe in the quality of their product. The manufacturing facility boasts a testing unit where products are tested to 500,000 cycles minimum.


Locinox use a UK distribution model with a number of official distributors ranked as gold, silver or bronze. Gold distributors are expected to have the highest quality service and knowledge to support customers in the UK, meaning you have a direct line to products experts who can help you choose your lock and support you during and after installation.