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What is the best code lock for a steel gate? Locinox vs Borg – Single Sided Code Lock Comparison

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What is the best code lock for a steel gate? Locinox vs Borg – Single Sided Code Lock Comparison


looking for a code lock for your steel gate? It can be tough to decide which lock to choose, especially in a market filled with cheap alternatives and imitations.

As each installer and manufacturer and they will have their own preference, but two names that you hear mentioned more than most is Borg and Locinox.  The question is, which one do you choose?

The first thing to clarify and make clear is, what exactly is a code lock?

The code locks discussed in this article are all completely mechanical, meaning that no battery or electrical supply is required for the lock to function and are also sometimes referred to as keypad locks.

A single sided code lock means that a code is required to open the lock on one side with the opposite being free exit, meaning that by turning a handle or depressing the push pad or or push bar would open the lock and gate without the need to enter a code.

We look at the key features of the both the Locinox and the Borg range and why they may or may not be the best fit for your gate.

Locinox Single Sided Code Lock

The Free Vinci

Locinox is viewed as one of the best manufacturers of gate hardware in Europe, and with their high quality range of code locks it’s easy to see why.

The Free Vinci is one of the best single sided code locks available, combining the highest quality manufacturing with the versatility that Locinox is known for.

As with many Locinox locks there are options allowing it to be fitted onto a flat bar section and onto box sections/profiles up to 80mm in thickness. This is the first major advantage of the Free Vinci, with many competing locks only fitted to locks from 30mm to 60mm thickness.

Another major plus point of using the Free Vinci is the adjustability. Each lock comes with the function of being able to extend the throw of the latch by an additional 20mm, perfect for ensuring the lock offers optimal security. A slight extension of a latch can mean the lock fits more securely into the receiving post or slam plate. The smooth closing is also assisted with the addition of the rolltop, which is a small wheel on the end of the latch. The lock rolls into place, reducing the noise of a gate being slammed shut and increasing the life cycle of the lock.

No more square pegs in round holes. The perfect fit for a secure latching every time!

One of the major advantages Locinox has over it’s competitors is that many of their hardware components and locks can be customised for a specific purpose. The Free Vinci can have the handles changed for both a push pad or a push bar, offering a complete free exit option.

Borg Single Sided Code Locks – 3000 Series

Borg locks are known for being a cost effective but high quality option when it comes to coded access. With a mid range price point they often come in at a lower price point than Locinox and offer a number of features that make it a very desirable option for manufacturers and installers alike.

Although not as customisable as a single unit, there are options of having lever handles and knob turn handles meaning that there are more options in terms of the number of products offered but you can still achieve the setup you are looking for.

To suit gate profiles/box sections of 30-60mm the 3000 series  has an adjustable spring loaded latch that can be extended from 65mm to 80mm and there is the option of an extension latch which would allow the lock to be fitted on profiles up to 120mm, an additional 40mm on the Locinox Free Vinci.

Each single sided lock in this series has a marine grade quality finish with the keypads being saltwater tested to 1000 hours meaning the Borg locks offer a great option for coastal areas.

Two big advantages of the Borg 3000 series is that they offer a key override option, meaning there is always the option of overriding the code using a master key, perfect as a backup in the unlikely event of a keypad failure and also as a backup master key. It also allows you to deadlock the unit for times where you are looking for additional security, a perfect example being on schools outside of term time.

One of the most desirable features on  a Borg lock is the ECP code changing technology. ECP code changing allows you to change the code on the gate after installation, without needing to remove the lock and rearrange tumblers inside the unit, something that is still commonplace in a large number of code locks.

Locinox or Borg, which lock is best? The answer? it depends on the situation and the features you are looking for. Both options offer a wide range of features that the other doesn’t have. If you are looking for a modular lock that can easily be upgraded to incorporate a push pad or pushbar, Locinox is for you, but if you need a lock where you can change the code with ease, Borg might offer you the best solution. Understanding the features of each type of lock will always help you when it comes to making a decision on the lock you should choose for a particular application. If you want to find out more about both the Locinox Free Vinci or the Borg 3000 series, all the product downloads and dimensions can be found on our product pages at www.tfsdirect.co.uk