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Top 5 Locinox Gate Closers

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Top 5 Locinox Gate Closers


When it comes to hydraulic gate closers they don’t come much better than Locinox. From the early Samson 400 series which has since been replaced by the Samson-2 through to the latest release, the Panther, Locinox continue to look for solutions to safely close gates no matter how difficult the situation.

Although Locinox make installation as easy as possible, selecting the right gate closer isn’t as easy as it may seem. From the hinge situation to height and width, for new or existing gates, even down to the features of each individual closer and how you need it to function on your gate and with your existing hardware, there are a number of questions that need to be asked and factors to consider to enable to to choose the best gate closer for your gate.

Luckily we are here to help.

Based on customer feedback and the number of units we have supplied to our customers and clients, here are the top 5 Locinox gate closers of 2021 and for 2022.

Based on the design of the Verticlose-2, the Lion is a retro fit gate closer, so ideal when looking to upgrade a gate to self closing. Before it’s release there was a shortage of quality gate closing mechanisms designed specifically for smaller pedestrian and side gates, so the release of the Lion offered the perfect solution in a time where the subject of gate safety has rightly been highlighted.

Coming complete with both 90° and 180° rail fixing sets, the Lion has both adjustable closing speed and final snap, allowing you to adjust according to the specific situation and conditions. The Lion is unaffected by temperature changes and has been tested from -30 °C up to +70°C. As with the majority of Locinox closers they are suitable for both left and right rand hung gates and they are available in a silver and black finish. Suitable for gates up to 75kg the Lion is designed to work on smaller gates up to 1.1m wide.

The Verticlose-2 wall has been one of the most successful new releases by Locinox, offering a solution for situations which requires a closer to be mounted directly onto a pillar or a wall, also unique in that it is fitted on the outside rather than the inside of a gate. The cranked arm means that the gate can open outwards solving the issue of lack of space for a closer being mounted on the inside of the gate.

Suitable for gates up to 1.5 meters wide and 150kg, this gate closer is perfect for existing gates and comes complete speed and final snap adjustment function.

The Mammoth is a gate closer and hinge in one and provides a heavy duty solution for new gates, an ideal product for the fabricator to use as standard for new gates. With no closing arm and no need for additional hinges, the Mammoth helps reduce the risk of injury and provides an adjustable, smooth closing mechanism for larger gates up to 1.5 meters and 150kg.

The Mammoth gives the option of 180° opening and is secured using the ultra strong Quick-Fix bolts. A gate closer designed for outdoor use (IP69) it has been tested to 500,000 movements and is great in combination with magnetic lock entry systems and mechanical code locks. The closer comes with a manufacturer warranty of 3 years and is maintenance free, so once installed you can be confident that you have a gate closer that isn’t going to cause you any issues or need replacing after a harsh winter or a rare hot summer.

The Samson-2 really needs no introduction! This flagship gate closer from Locinox continues to be the most popular retro fit gate closer we offer, arguably the best hydraulic gate closer for existing gates on the market.

Not only is this a perfect option when upgrading gates to self closing, the versatility of this closer means it is a great option for replacing less reliable gas struts, ensuring your gate closes safely every time.

Suitable for gates up to 150kg and 2 meters wide the Samson -2 is a heavy duty closer that comes with all the adjustable features you would expect from a Locinox gate closer, with speed, final snap and pressure all easily adjusted before and after installation. it comes with different brackets, allowing it to be installed on a wide range of gate situations and has an opening angle up to 150° depending on the situation.

The Samson-2 is often used on industrial sites and commercial gates, also regularly installed on schools and hospitals where a safe, reliable close is critical.

If you want a gate closer that will stand the test of time, the Samson-2 is the closer for you.

Top of the pile is the Locinox Tiger. Not only a favourite of manufacturers and installers, it’s gets top marks from the team here at TFS Direct.

A hinge and gate closer in one, the Tiger is similar to the Mammoth in that it comes complete with a closing mechanism and the bottom hinge, but has been designed for smaller gates up to 75kg and 1.1 meters wide.

The Tiger has been designed to comply with ROSPA finger trap regulations, so assuming it is installed in line with the measurements outlined in the ROSPA guidelines and with the Locinox installation manual, you will have a safe gate closer that is ideal for school projects and gates that see high volume of traffic.

The Tiger is a gate closer that has been designed for new gates rather than as a retro fit closer and is a perfect gate closing option of manufacturers, fabricators and installers. Tested up to 500,000 movements and from -30 °C up to +70°C it is easily installed using the Locinox Quick-Fix fixings.