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The Locinox Fortima – An alternative locking mechanism for your gate!

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The Locinox Fortima – An alternative locking mechanism for your gate!


If you are looking for a locking mechanism for your gate then the chances are the name Locinox features high on the list of your potential choices. Locinox continue to amaze, leading the way with the latest innovations and locking solutions, cementing their name as the market leaders!

One of the latest products to come out of the Locinox think tank is the Fortima, a lock that uses a magnetic lock instead of a standard latching bolt.

A lock with a smooth opening and closing function it has been popular for gates in homes and areas where gates need to function with child safety in mind. Now we may not have long hot summer days in the UK where we need a lock to protect swimming pools, but the Fortima is ideal to secure gates in gardens with ponds or areas that require protection from children entering specific areas of your property. Even used as a standard lock the Fortima provides an aesthetic lock and a great alternative to a standard key lock or code lock.

Tim Jackson of Locinox has been quick to sing the praises of this latest product by Locinox and was keen to discuss the benefits of using this lock as a garden gate lock.

“Garden fences, and fences surrounding pools, ponds and areas that require added security are a must have. Used in combination with the Tiger gate closer the Fortima restricts access to areas of your property that need to be out of reach of children. Installed at 1.5m high this strong magnetic lock is completely out of reach of childeren and child safe. It ensures a smooth opening and ensures peace of mind for those areas where the kids like to roam without supervision”

If you have a gate leaf that isn’t completely closed, the powerful magnet ensures the gate fully latches and can then only be unlocked by pulling the knob up. The unique patented internal system guarantees a smooth opeining and like all Locinox products has been designed specifically for outdoor use. Able to be installed on any material it has been tested to 2 million cycles and the lock is adjustable up to 25mm horizontally with a gap between gate post ranging between 10-45mm.

So if you want a stress free summer in your garden, take a look at the Fortima and what it can do for you!