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The best double sided keypad lock for my timber gate – Codelocks v Borg comparison

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The best double sided keypad lock for my timber gate – Codelocks v Borg comparison


Coded access has become a popular method of securing domestic property, but how easy is it to choose the right lock for your gate? The answer, not as easy as it should be!

It’s no exaggeration to say that with the number of latch options, models and manufacturers, that your choice of locks runs into the thousands. In this article we have narrowed down the options to two of our most popular double sided code locks from two of our most popular manufacturers.

So, who are Borg and who are Codelocks?

Codelocks were founded in 1991 and have a reputation of high quality, durable locks for both doors and gates. One of the most recent developments with the business was to release a marine grade range, ideally suited for external gates. They offer a limited lifetime guarantee of any mechanical locks in line with their terms and conditions and they are serviced or repaired free of charge of they develop a manufacturing fault.  Borg locks were founded in 1997 and have been leaders when it comes to marine grade external code locks for a number of years. Each product has a 12 month manufacturing guarantee and their products are developed with ease of installation and use in mind. So the first thing to ask yourself when looking for a keypdad lock is are you purchasing a lock that is reliable and manufactured to the highest standard?

So, that’s the brief history lesson done, now for the locks……….

Codelocks CL290

The Codelocks CL290 is a marine grade back to back keypad that comes complete with a mortice latch. Back to back means that there is a coded keypad for each side of the gate that can have the same or a different code for entry and exit.

This lock comes with either a 50mm, 60mm or 70mm tubular mortice latch, depending on the size of the gate that you will be installing the lock on. A mortice latch is a latch which is inserted onto the gate, so a small section of the gate would need to be cut out to fit the latch. This type of latch is ideal for gates where, when closed, closes right up against the receiving post. Because the latch is inside the gate if gives a tidy finish with the latch not visible, reducing the risk of tampering with the locking mechanism.

It comes in a black finish and 14 stainless steel buttons on each code pad, and although we are looking at external gates on this article it can be fitted on both internal or external doors and gates. This marine grade keypad has been salt spray tested for 1000 hours and has a specially enhanced finish, perfect for harsh environments and functions as well in the cold winters as it does in the summer.

After installation the code can still be changed, although this requires you to remove the lock from the gate to rearrange the internal tumblers of the lock. The CL290 is suitable for doors/gates between 35mm and 60mm thick, this is due to the size of the spindle that connects each side of the lock.

Each Codelocks keypad comes with the option of adding ‘Clean by Codelocks’ which is a coating developed by the manufacturer to offer protection against viruses, bacteria and germs. The process, called Photocatalytic oxidation, converts harmful bacteria into a non-toxic compound and has been very popular when looking at how to combat COVID-19 in our everyday life. With so many people using locks on a daily basis, having this option, especially on gates which are regularly used, has been a great addition to the marine range.

Borg BL2625 ECP

The Borg BL2625 is the latest marine grade lock from Borg, offering a retro-fit option for your side gates. The terms retro fit or surface mounted is a term used regularly in the industry for a product that can be fitted after manufacturing and installation, meaning that the 2625 is an option both for new gates and for upgrading the existing lock on your gate allowing you to have coded access.

The rim-fixed deadbolt on the 2625 is perfect for doors and gates where there is limited space to fit a regular mortice latch, for those wanting a simple fit and forget locking option, and also offer a solution where there is a slightly larger gap between the gate and the gate post. The 2635 is suitable for door and gate thicknesses up to 85mm and can be used both internally and externally.

Tested to 100,000 cycles and salt spray tested to over 1000 hours using a specialist e-plating process, this lock is perfect for external use and is a reliable locking option even in the harshest of weather conditions.

One of the big advantages of the BL2625 is the ECP code changing technology. ECP is a simple code changing process that allows you to change the code on your lock as many times as you want without removing the lock body from the gate. Want to see how easy it is to change a code using ECP? Check out the video below.