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Locinox, the best choice for your garden gate lock?

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Locinox, the best choice for your garden gate lock?


As we approach the summer months and hopefully see warmer weather, BBQ’s and alfresco dining, it’s a seasonal trend that people look at their outdoor areas, their gardens, gates and patio areas, looking for ways to improve how they look and how safe and secure they are.

While corks are popping and burgers are sizzling on the BBQ, a new lock for your gate may not be the first thing on your mind, but in preparation for what will hopefully be a sizzling summer we want your property to be as secure as possible, safe as it can be, and let’s face it, there’s nothing more exciting to discuss around the fire pit at the end of the day than the lock that’s securing your side gate (I’m great conversation at a party)

At the heart of the gate hardware world is Locinox, and when it comes to securing your gate then Locinox should always be in the conversation. For over 25 years they have provided the highest quality locks and are trailblazers and trend setters for others that follow.

When the thought of choosing a gate lock for your garden gate pops into your head it seems like an innocent, simple question.

‘I’ll type gate lock into my search engine, order, and away we go’

Sorry, things are never that simple!

Luckily, the modular construction of Locinox locks means that with the right guidance it isn’t going to cause you too many headaches.




Reliable, easy to install, a rangre of colours and designs, and the ability to make small changes to your lock to provide a lock that functions in the way that you want.

The Locinox LAKQ is their flagship lock, a lock that can be fitted onto gates with a flat steel bar, right up to a 100mm frame. By simply drilling three holes you can install your lock in a matter of minutes, and it’s no exaggeration to say that the lock is likely to outlive the life of your BBQ. We’ve has calls in recent months from customers looking to replace their lock which has been in place for over 15 years!

The LAKQ can be supplied in a range of colours and supplied with different handles.

Different handles? Does that even matter? A Handle is a handle, right?


Did you know you can change the handles to completely change the function of your lock?

Half handles can give the option of requiring key access from one side at all times, kidloc handles offer additional security for areas where you don’t want the little ones taking an adventure in, blocking handles to prevent the handles being turned on one or both sides, or even different finishes to change the look of your lock.

With an adjustable throw to allow for different gaps between gate and gate post, the versatile LAKQ lock has a stainless steel mechanism and a 23mm throw of the deadbolt in one key turn. With the deadbolt retracted the lock is operated using the handles only, and used together with the specially designed keep this lock is a cost effective, secure option for your garden and side gates.

Looking for something a little more cost effective then the LAKZ P1 has the same mechanism but without the adjustable throw. The P1 comes with a polyamide housing and is installed in the same way as the U2 and offers the same reliability with just a little lessversatility.