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Kits by TFS


Every project and situation have specific requirements, and it’s rare that any one project will be exactly the same. Sometimes this can cause headaches for both manufacturers and installers, with even the end user unsure of exactly what they need or the functionality of the products they ask for.

That’s why we have launched ‘Kits by TFS’  A range of carefully constructed kits, using products from leading manufacturers to provide a complete solution.

We’ve stripped away all the tribalism between manufacturers, removed the jargon, and made selecting the right system for your gate as simple as possible.

Every time we work on a project we analyse how we can make things easier. Sometimes what may be a simple solution can be overlooked because you haven’t been asked the right questions.

The idea of Kits by TFS is to educate others about what products are compatible.  We are on a mission to make sure every project and every customer is given the attention they deserve!


It’s good to talk!

Locinox Surface Mounted Electric Strike Kit

“If someone asks a question once then it’s a problem that needs to be solved”

My electric strike isn’t working? You can just open the door, what am i doing wrong?

Unfortunately this question, this problem, found it’s way to us on a number of occasions. A client looking to have an electric strike installed that would open with their existing access control system or a keypad or push button. The problem was that they couldn’t understand why people could just enter and exit without entering the code on their keypad!

The handles weren’t blocked, meaning the strike wouldn’t function as you could simply turn the handles to gain access. Power is sent to the strike and not the lock, meaning the latch on the lock isn’t controlled in any way, and the signal sent would be to release the latch on the electric strike. Nothing to stop the handles turning, no way to restrict access.


The blocking handle set. By switching the existing handles with a blocking handle set you could block one or both sides, stopping the handles from turning and overriding the strike. Now you have a fully functioning access control system.

Now this may seem like a very simple solution if you’ve used this setup before, but if you haven’t, or you aren’t aware of the product functionality, how would you know how to choose a system for your gate?

Kits by TFS isn’t here to tell people what they’re doing wrong, it’s not designed to tell people how to do their job, it’s here to improve the standard of access control systems, not by designing a new product, but by simply educating people what can be used in any given situation.

And if there isn’t a kit for your situation, just ask. It’s good to talk!