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How to choose the right padlock – A closer look at Squire padlocks

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How to choose the right padlock – A closer look at Squire padlocks


When you think of a padlock, what comes to mind? I asked 10 people for the first thing that came into their mind when I said padlock and I got everything from garden shed to bike, and even Christmas Cracker!

My personal opinion is that the padlock hasn’t been given the most care and attention when it comes to the marketing of the product. There are manufacturers that have a fantastic brand but some still struggle to break away from the ‘old garden shed’ idea of a padlock, the brass lock that can be opened with a paperclip.

These stereotypes couldn’t be further from the truth. Take the time to look into the latest technology when it comes to padlocks and you may just be surprised.

This article looks at the manufacturer Squire. A name that has been associated with lock making since as far back as 1780. They’ve seen and heard it all, and fast forward from 1780 to today and what you see is a range of padlocks suited to a range of applications, designed with different levels of security in mind.

Squire has a range suited specifically for bike locks and a moto lock range, but as a company that deals in security and access control components and systems we’ll look at the security range.

Normally we would build up to the strongest and most advanced after touching on the lower security options, but with Squire i want to start with a bank. The SS100CS – The strongest padlock in the world!

The SS100CS shows how strong a padlock can be. You really have to get your hands on it to appreciate the size , weight and strength . Weighing 4.3Kg and a 100mm body width, this padlock sets the standard when it comes to padlock security. A solid brass 6-pin cylinder gives a massive 625 million key differs and the electrophoretic anti-corrosion finish, storm proof cover and hardened boron alloy steel shackle males this a must for padlock lovers in need of a high security lock.


Now it might be a bit of a comedown from the ‘strongest padlock in the world’ but the options really are endless when it comes to Squire.


Stronghold Range

Made in Britain the Stronghold range all come with a 10 year manufacturer guarantee with the SS100 achieving LPCB Level SR4, the highest possible rating! These locks come in a range of body widths and different shackle variations, so if you don’t need the strongest padlock in the world then there’s still an option for you.

Combination Padlocks

The Vulcan range of combination padlocks are designed for all round home use and offer a secure locking mechanism for property and belongings, with the Warrior range  offering a slightly higher level of security, independently supported by Crimestoppers. Both ranges are available in different widths and shackle sizes. There is also a weather resistant range, the CP range which are ideally suited for external applications.

Hasp & Staples

A range of CEN rated padbars help to add extra levels of security and give an ideal option for securing storage facilities, shes and out buildings.



This doesn’t even scratch the surface when it comes to padlocks. Visit our website to look at the individual products and keep your eye on our blog for product features where we’ll go into more detail about specific products in the squire range.