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How Much Does an Aluminium Gate Cost?

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How Much Does an Aluminium Gate Cost?


Aluminium gates – A popular choice when it comes to a new gate on a property, but do you really know why an aluminium gate costs what it does? Do you know what makes a gate more expensive or how you can reduce the cost? If you are looking for a new aluminium gate or are undecided on what type of gate you want, reading this article will open your eyes and help when it comes to making your decision.

We’re here to help answer the burning questions, so you know exactly why a gate costs what it does!

Aluminium gates are still a relatively new product on the market compared to timber and steel, so one of the first questions you want to know when looking for a new gate is: How much does an aluminium gate cost?

With many suppliers on the market and installers of gates valuing their work differently this is a very difficult question to answer, but in this article I will do my best to pull back the curtain on aluminium gates and give you more of an understanding of just how much an aluminium gate costs, and what can drive the price both up and down.

If you’re reading this article then the chances are you’ve made the decision that you are looking for a new gate for your home or property. Buying a new gate is a big decision, just like buying a new car it’s an investment, and before we even begin I want to address the price option head on, it doesn’t come cheap.

With so many different options available, pricing can vary drastically, depending on the options you choose, but without being made aware of these options, knowing what it is you are actually getting, how can you navigate the online world to find the best option for you? Nearly impossible

It may be that you’re looking to upgrade your tired looking gate, your property renovation is nearing completion, you have a lovely new driveway and it’s time to put the cherry on the icing on the cake with a brand new gate.

Whatever reason you are looking for a new gate, it’s a big decision, and if you’ve not purchased a new gate before or don’t know what material you should be using, the internet is awash with companies claiming that their product is the best. It’s a minefield and can often mean you finish up more confused than when you started.

This article isn’t telling you WHY you should choose an aluminium gate, and it’s not telling you to buy a TFS Direct gate. This article has been written so that you can have an idea of just how much an aluminium gate will cost, the reason for the cost, how it changes depending on the options you choose, and hopefully when you reach the end you’ll be a step closer to finding the right gate for you, or at least be better informed when it comes to aluminium. An aluminium gate might be perfect for you, or you may turn away after reading this article realising that it just isn’t for you and doesn’t fall into the budget you have.

Aluminium, sounds great doesn’t it? Sounds modern. A new, shiny fashionable product, catching your eye in a world full of steel, timber and composite. The problem is that new means unknown and unknown is scary. So we want to pull back the curtain on aluminium and tell you just how much an aluminium gate costs.

The first thing I need to make clear is that aluminium IS NOT the cheap option. I’ve worked in sales for many years and currently work with products that have different price points in both the access control and gate market, and I’ll be honest, I’ve lost count of the amount of people saying that it’s expensive compared to a different material or they want the cheap option. If this is the case then it probably isn’t worth reading on. Within the aluminium gate market there are different products that can lead to varying prices, but for now lets deal with aluminium as a material, as a product!

The fact is that aluminium doesn’t come cheap as a material. Aluminium costs more than steel when it comes to the raw material and can be more expensive than a lot of timber (timber vs aluminium deserves an article of it’s own) So from the beginning you are working with a product that can have a higher material cost. So if you’re looking for an aluminium gate that will cost the same as a steel gate, I’m sorry but you’ll be disappointed.

So we’ve dealt with the most basic question, why is an aluminium gate more expensive than other materials. Simple, the material isn’t cheap. There is no point in dressing it up with fancy USP’s and company tag lines, you are quite simply getting a product where the material costs more!

The next thing to look at is why there is such a difference in cost between different aluminium gates. For this I am going to use the three different types of aluminium gate ranges that we have at TFS Direct to highlight the difference in cost.

One of the first things to look at is the thickness of aluminium used in the construction of the gates. More material means more cost, but it also means a sturdier and more robust gate. Aluminium is a light material, and compared to steel can be bent easier, so by having a thicker aluminium you will have a gate with less give. We recently provided one of our clients with a video that showed how having a gate constructed of a thicker aluminium is a lot stronger. It’s short and sweet, but you can see the difference, and if you get your hands on these different gates you’ll feel it too.

There is also how the gates are constructed. There are two distinct types of aluminium gate. Welded and bolted. The internally welded and bolted gates will always come at a higher cost that a standard bolted gate. So, from here you can break down a type of gate and associate it with the cost.

A thinner bolted gate will always cost less than a thicker welded gate.


The beauty of an aluminium gate is the versatility when it comes to colour and finish. You will see a high proportion of gates manufactured in RAL 7016 anthracite grey or in RAL 9005 black, but the options are endless. The likelihood is that if you have a RAL colour that you want, a manufacturer will be able to supply the gate in the colour you want. After colour you can have textured or matte finishes, and many manufacturers offer a variety of wood grain finishes.

Back to cost! You will often find there will be a standard price for a range of colours but for colours that are not standard to a manufacturer or supplier they may be an additional cost. For woodgrain gates for example, the different finish and additional process to give it that finish can come at an additional cost. For colours that a company would call a non-standard colour the best way to describe would be that if you had a huge batch of powder to coat RAL 7016 gates, the cost of that coating would be spread across a number of gates, that is working off the manufacturer having a minimum quantity of powder that they would need to purchase. If you want a RAL colour that is rarely used it may be that a manufacturer would need to cover the cost of that material in the one gate alone. They may never have another request for a RAL 2007 Luminous Bright Orange! Remember to ask how the change of colour can impact the cost. Is it the same for all colours? Are there standard colours in the range? What are the standard colours?

Our research has seen gates quoted at 30-40% higher for a colour seen as non-standard or for a woodgrain gate, but this will always differ depending on who manufactures your gate and their own process with the manufacturing of your gate.So make sure you ask the question!

So, you have the standard cost of the gate. You have decided on a bolted gate with thicker aluminium, in a light oak woodgrain finish, you’re ready to place the order and get the gate of your dreams into manufacturing.

STOP! There is more to consider!

There is an important question to answer! Are you fixing your gates onto existing posts or do you need posts to fix the gates to? Unless requested it is rare that posts will be included in a quote, so it’s always important to factor the need for posts into your project. Post sizes vary depending on the company you use and the size of the post, but as we have already touched on earlier in this article, more material equals more cost. Your gate is a woodgrain, so your posts may be more expensive!

Cost! Sorry, posts come at a cost too, anything from £100 up to £250 a post, again depending on colour, size and thickness. Factor this in!

So, with all these different features and properties to think about when selecting a  gate, just how much does an aluminium gate cost? There is no one clear answer, but to help, we have used 3 different styles of gate that we could supply to highlight how these different factors can influence a gate. These costs are based off a 3000mm wide x 1800 high gate in a thinner profile, thicker profile and welded gate in a standard RAL colour.

Thinner profile £2,237

Thicker profile £3,100

Welded £3,400

If you have a specific colour in mind that isn’t a standard RAL colour for the company, the costs can then increase.

Thinner profile £2,685

Thicker profile £3,720

Welded £4,080

Looking for a woodgrain?

Thinner profile £2,908

Thicker profile £4,030

Welded £4,420

If you were looking for posts you would see the same pattern of pricing depending on what you were looking for, ranging from £150 to £225

Remember, this is not a cost sheet. Each manufacturer, each supplier, every website will have a different pricing structure, different price points, and the cost of materials will change. Use this as a guide to highlight the pricing differences rather than the overall cost of your gate. What you really  need to know is how much and why it cost what it does?

Now you may think that’s it, finished? Well, not quite.

Each gate will or won’t be supplied with hardware and access control systems. That means locks, hinges, drop bolts, intercom systems, automation systems, magnet locks, the list is endless and the possibilities more than you may realise. it’s worth keeping an eye on our blog for articles on access control and gate hardware.

many gates will come complete with hinges and locks, but it’s always good to ask what are the options and how much will each cost. You may not need everything that comes with the gate that’s offered, you may need more.

You can find out the cost of your access control components using a simple Google search, but it’s important to remember that a code lock can cost anywhere from £30 to £350 and a magnet lock the same.

Ask what is being used on your gate, why it comes at that cost and if you are unhappy with the price, are there any alternatives?

In short, when answering the question; How much does an aluminium gate cost? the answer is that there is no definitive answer or ball park figure,  but there are options that can increase and decrease the cost to fall in line with your budget. An aluminium gate is an investment, and much like the new car you bought two years ago, or the property you have just put an offer in for, it will depend on exactly what you are getting. Not all gates are the same, not all will offer the same quality, so with a product that is in it’s infancy compared to timber and steel, the key is understanding the why is costs what s does and understanding that the different options available will ultimately increase of decrease the price of your gate.

Hopefully this article has gone a little way to helping you make a decision about your gates, provided you with a bit more information about how different options can affect cost, and armed you with a few questions to ask when deciding if an aluminum gate is the right gate for you.