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How automation is improving the TFS Direct customer experience

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How automation is improving the TFS Direct customer experience


The last 18 months has seen many changes in business and in the way people buy their goods. With people working from home, and shop visits restricted, the online world saw a boom, with a captive audience searching the web for the best deal for themselves and their business.

For many this represented a huge challenge, with traditional trade counters closed,and businesses, many that have been around for decades struggling to catch up when it came to social media, digital selling, and the internal processes needed to cope with online ordering.

“From initial customer contact through to improved picking and packing, the lean lift has helped to streamline a number of our internal processes, and we look forward to working together with Industore as we continue our plans for growth in the coming years, including further integration with our internal systems”

David Wells - TFS Direct Managing Director

Putting the customer first has always been at the heart of the TFS mission, with a focus on customer contact and service showing that traditional values are still very much a priority to the customer, but that can only take you so far, and we wanted to further develop our internal systems to back up the work that our amazing service team provide each and every day.

This is where Industore have helped to take the TFS Direct systems to a whole new level.

The addition of a lean lift in our warehouse was initially seen as a way of speeding up the time from customer order to shipment, and help the staff internally to cope with increasing order volume, but as the system has been linked with processes in the sales, service and the processing department we have been able to  put in place a system that allows the customer to purchase with confidence.

From the minute a visitor on our website looks for what they need, they are able to check stock levels and view accurate delivery lead times. From order placement each order is then sent directly to the warehouse and automatically picked, meaning we can often ship within minutes of receiving an order.

“The Amazon model has raised expectations from buyers, with speed and accuracy now joining price and value as key factors when selecting a supplier”

Matt Sutcliffe - TFS Direct Sales Manager

With internal systems able to learn from buying habits, react to trends, and accurately forecast stock levels, the number of customers needing to hold stock is reducing, as they are now able to trust the system we have in place, meaning we hold the stock until they need it, and when they do it can be with them the next day!

Find out more about how the Industore lean lift has helped TFS Direct by watching the interview with our sales manager Matt Sutcliffe, who has overseen the many changes with TFS Direct over the last 5 years, from rows of racking and a telephone line, to the industry leading systems that are in place at TFS Direct today.